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III Charity Walk of Congalsa to support Friends of Galicia Foundation

Nearly 200 people participated in the III Andaina Solidaria de Congalsa, which covered a route of approximately 10 kilometers through the Corrubedo area and culminated with the collection of more than 650 kilos of food to the benefit of the Friends of Galicia Foundation.

Congalsa has brought out, once again, his most supportive vein by promoting a new edition of its already well-established charity walk, in which almost 200 people (mainly workers and their relatives) have participated. Each of those registered in the initiative had to collaborate with at least one kilogram of non-perishable food for the Friends of Galicia Foundation. Throughout this week, our employees collaborated with this walk in solidarity by donating food. In total, 650 kilos of various non-perishable products have been collected.

We are very proud to see how this initiative is rooted in the company culture of Congalsa and every year the number of participants increase. This is an activity promoted under Congalsa’s People Project, which our human resources department launched two years ago to optimize the work environment and make Congalsa the most attractive place possible for the professional development of our employees.

The participants left at 10.00 in the morning from the Valverde campsite and toured the town of Corrubedo, the lighthouse and the beach of Balieiros, with return by Espiñeirido. During the three hours the route lasted, the playful and festive atmosphere among the workers of Congalsa and their families was the dominant note.

The food collected in the framework of this initiative will go to the Friends of Galicia Foundation, an entity providing social services through coverage of basic needs and employment agency. Its general director, Jesús Busto Peteiro, thanked the participants and Congalsa for their solidarity, as in addition to the organization of this event, it collaborates with the association throughout the year with donations of food and other campaigns. All the food collected in this day will be destined to the families that the Friends of Galicia Foundation serves in the Barbanza area.