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New on our portfolio, rolls and mini rolls with sweet and sour sauce

Ibercook fun food is the CONGALSA’s porduct assortment to enjoy at home food. New proposals that maintain the commitment of all our ranges: maximum quality of raw materials and a rigorous production process.

In our commitment to new and better foods to enjoy at home, we include products adapted to the current lifestyle. Nutritionally balanced and tasty dishes, in practical formats that make cooking and consumption easy. A selection of snacks and main dishes that launches, this time, two new references in the appetizers section: spring rolls and mini spring rolls. Both suitable for vegans, a category increasingly demanded by consumers and whose growth mantain a firm upward trend.

  • Spring rolls, a thin and crispy wafer stuffed with vegetables, in a 6-piece case that includes a delicious sweet&sour sauce true to the authentic asian cuisine.
  • Mini spring rolls, stuffed with tender vegetables and mushrooms, available is a 20-piece case with sweet&sour sauce perfect for dipping; the perfect way to make a fun and surprising snacking at home, with family or friends.


A range of household food solutions

CONGALSA’s Ibercook fun food range for retail, already includes some of the most successful references in the Spanish market:

  • Egg battered hake; 100% hake fillet skinless and boneless, made with MSC raw material from sustainable fishing with a crunchy and golden batter suitable for cooking in the oven.
  • Anchovy tempura; a delicious blue fish, ideal for children, with a light crunchy batter, perfect as a starter or main course.


  • Beef turnovers and chicken tex mex turnovers; an original flavor for a favourite classic family dish, made with a crunchy pastry. Perfect for baking.



  • Battered shrimp tail on; a classic Spanish dish, “gabardine prawn”, made with a juicy and golden batter. Perfect to delight friends and family with a tasty appetizer.
  • Mini salmon fingers; made with 100% salmon Salar fillet skinless and boneless, and a surprising puffed rice flakes batter for a super crunchy bite.




In Congalsa we are strongly committed to Sustainability Policies, among them a strong commitment to reduce our environmental impact stands out . This time, it materializes through the installation a new photovoltaic plant.

This new facility aims to provide energy to the production center of A Pobra, in which about 25,000 tons of frozen food tarheting HORECA and RETAIL channels are produced every year.
With this new photovoltaic solar energy generation system, we completed a project that began in 2016 with the installation of 533 solar panels in our factory of gluten-free products, with an annual capacity to generate clean energy above 285,000 Kwh.

Thanks to the installation of 1,290 photovoltaic modules, fully operaating since September 1st, we will reduce electricity consumption while avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of 233 tons of CO2 per year. Between the two facilities, the reduction in CO2 emissions will reach 340 tons per year, the equivalent of planting 33,868 trees.

The panels, located on the roof of the three plants dedicated to the manufacture of elaborated dishes, breaded and battered products and doughs, have generated a total of 25,400 kw in the first month after the start-up.

This new renewable energy project allows us to consolidate our commitment to sustainability and care for the environment, which has become a priority for our company.
This eco-efficiency plan related to energy consumption is joined by a series of policies aimed to minimize waste generation, reducing water consumption and the sustainable supply of raw materials. All our advances in environmental management are enhaced by training and awareness programs for the staff working at Congalsa, committed to generating a sustainable value chain and the challenges inherent in reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Project carried out by EDF Solar.


One of the goals set out in the United Nations 2030 agenda is, explicitly, to put an end to unsustainable fishing practices. In Congalsa we are committed to the cause, and for several years we have been part of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) initiative to control the risks caused by fishing and aquaculture. The SFP organization leads global fisheries improvement projects, educating and advising stakeholders in the supply chain, including major retailers, restaurant chains, seafood brand owners, buyers, producers and fisheries management or scientific institutions to improve fishing and aquaculture practices and policies.

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